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Electronic Contract Manufacturer

As a full-service provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services, AccuSpec Electronics, LLC offers sophisticated product design and testing, a proven Lean manufacturing process, and award-winning advanced supply chain management, which results in extremely flexible, on time delivery for our customers.

AccuSpec’s quality electronic contract manufacturing services are perfect for a broad range of markets such as Military Electronic Assembly, Medical Device Assembly, Transportation and Industrial Controls. In addition to providing printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services, we offer return/repair services for electronic components and assemblies. Our focus is always on meeting customer demands – even unexpected demands – through our responsive management and production team.

We consider it a point of pride that we serve some of the most sophisticated customers in our industry. We are located in Erie, PA, a community with high productivity and workers who exhibit a strong sense of pride in their work.

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Using world class systems and people we strive to provide exceptional services and differentiate ourselves in the following areas.

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  • On Time Delivery
  • Flexibility
  • Highest Quality
    • First Past Yield (FPY)
    • Defect per Million Opportunity (Dpmo)
    • Lowest Return Material Authorization % (RMA)