Accuspec Electronics, LLC

AccuSpec Electronics, LLC. is Committed to Complete Traceability of All Assemblies

Jan 18, 2011 | Posted in News

AccuSpec Electronics, LLC. adds to their traceability program with the installation of an automated LABEL placement line. A new fully automated ‘pick and place’ style machine has been implemented to accurately place labels on PCB boards. As technology becomes smaller the need for accurate and consistently placed labels has become even more critical. The machine prints new labels on demand and has a placement rate of 5000 labels an hour. The on demand feature allows real time up-to-the-minute revision control to be applied to each and every assembly. Bare PCB boards are labeled at the beginning of the process to allow bar code scanning throughout assembly and test. This is all part of AccuSpec’s focus on striving to provide complete process traceability. The Automation saves time and reduces labor which allows AccuSpec to stay competitive in today's ever changing market.